johnson farm


Our chickens have free range over 7 acres of pasture all day every day of their lives.  We believe in allowing a chicken to act naturally and only confine them in their coops during the night to protect them.  They have unlimited access to a vegetarian 100% natural lay pellet to give them the protein they need to lay their eggs.  Pastured hens eggs are rich in nutrients, thick dark yellow yolks, and a distinctive flavor like no other.   

Large $5 doz            X-Large $6 doz      Jumbo $7 do


    Right here at the farm!  

                 120 Hampton Rd, Briones, CA 94553


                                 Diablo Foods

                3615 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94533

Pleasant Hill Market

2397 Pleasant Hill Rd, Pleasant Hill, CA